Fricken Chill Out

My parents were always a bit hippie. Meditation is not at all a foreign concept for me. However, it has only been recently that I have started to be aware of all of the research that is validating that meditation is extraordinarily helpful in terms of having good health. I had always heard of and thought of meditation purely in terms of spirituality. It was new to me that medical research has established numerous health benefits related to not only meditation, but just plain fricken chillin out.
I had the privilege of listening to Dr. John M. Kennedy, Medical Director of Preventive Cardiology and Wellness at Marina Del Rey Hospital in California, speak recently. He is a Cardiologist that has become interested in the connection between heart health and relaxation techniques. He is a co-author of the following book:
The 15 Minute Heart Cure: The Natural Way to Release Stress and Heal Your Heart in Just Minutes a Day

First he pointed out that a lot of people deal with a lot of stress at work. We have an acceleration based culture. Making us fell like we need to do more than we did the year before. Therefore there is pressure to do more within less time. A lot of people experience social isolation stress, which comes about from not feeling acknowledged, feeling that there are no opportunities to advance, and/or feeling that they can not complain. Also, many people feel that their work must be done at a very done high level, because their work will be highly scrutinized and there is not any tolerance for imperfection.
Then he pointed out that our body’s physiological response is the same whether we are running from a tiger or nervous about getting laid-off. All of the daily stresses can quickly add up. The heart and brain are connected. They are in constant communication. Your brain releases hormones that tell heart how quickly to beat. When we get stressed it wears on our heart. Both chronic Stress and acute stress have profound affects on our health. When we are stressed it causes our body to create a climate for disease. For many years this was not understood and still today most doctors do not help patients manage their stress.
It has been shown that if you teach cardiac patients how to deal with stress you can lower chance of heart disease we can lower by 50%. It is the most effective method to help patients. However, doctors learn nothing about relaxation in medical school, and thus they do not teach patients about relaxation.
It is in our hands to take care of our bodies. To become a Happy Deviant you must learn relaxation techniques and use them. Dr. John M. Kennedy recommended the BEATHE technique. It is based on techniques used by Olympic athletes and professional athletes.
Checkout his technique here:

Dr. John M. Kennedy ended his presentation with the following quote fomr the Dalai Lama: “We can not heal the world until we heal a nation. We can not heal a nation until we heal a city. We can not heal a city until we heal a family. We can not heal a family until we heal ourselves.”


~ by happydeviant on September 16, 2010.

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