Omega 3: Relief from Anxiety and Depression

Life events and circumstances often dominate our thoughts about improving our position in life. Thoughts like, my life would be greatly improved if I had more money, if I had a beautiful home, if I lost 20 pounds, if I met someone and fell in love, if I finished my masters degree, if I had more time to spend with my friends, if I could spend a month on vacation in Hawaii… And it is true that having good things happen in your life can enhance your life experience. However, how people experience life is greatly affected by their emotional health and their emotional health is greatly affected by their brain function.

For this reason, actions to maintain and improve brain function can be wonderful opportunities to improve a person’s position in life. I decided that I wanted to write about omega 3 in this blog because I saw a video on CNN. The video reminded me that many people are suffering with anxiety and depression, and they could be helped by increasing their intake of omega 3.

Check out CNN video: Could fish oil help lower suicide rates?

Omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is one of the brain’s major building blocks. For this reason, higher intake of omega 3 improves brain function and increasing your intake of omega 3 can improve your life more than then you imagined to be possible. Checkout the following video. It tells the story of one child’s life becoming improving due to incorporation of omega 3 into his diet:

The improvements that the boy in this video experienced are miraculous. His entire experience of the world changed, because his brain function improved. These life improvements are invisible. You can see and touch a new car. You cannot see and touch better brain function. Yet better brain function has the power to improve all aspects of a person’s life experience. The discovery of the importance of omega 3 supplements may be one of the most important discoveries of our time and you can take avantage of these discoveries. Omega 3 supplements are cheap, widely available, and have the power to improve your life in a miraculous way.

Experts recommend that health individuals take 650 mg of DHA plus EPA. There are two components of omega 3: eico-sapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaeonic acid (DHA). These two components make up the bulk of the omega-3 oils. The ratio of EPA and DHA can vary considerably in commercial products, however, most of which have much higher concentrations of EPA, mainly because it is less expensive to manufacture and has a less fishy odor than DHA. Yet, studies have shown that most of the neurological benefits of omega-3 oils are derived from the DHA component rather than the EPA component. Here is a product I think is good:

Dr Murray Fish Oil

Some people do not like taking fish oil supplements because they have fishy burps after taking them. I do not have that problem, but my husband Nick has this problem. I have tried freezing the capsules, but he said that did not work. I have tried the fish oil gummies. They worked okay. They may be the perfect solution for kids. However, enteric-coated fish oil tablets appear to be the best to avoid the fishy burps. Nick said that he still gets fishy burps a little with the enteric-coated fish oil tablets, but much less. Let me know if you find a product or method of eliminating this problem. In the mean time, I think fishy burps are a small price to pay for a modern day miracle.

Enteric-coated fish oil


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