The medical system is failing us. Despite all of the advancements within the medical system, the guidance for creating a life which promotes excellent well-being is almost completely absent. Physician’s role in the United States is diagnosing and treating disease. The guidance provided by physicians concerning creating a healthy lifestyle is severely lacking. Physicians do not spend enough time with patient to educate them, and even if they did they do not have the education to provide adequate guidance. The majority of physicians had minimal training concerning nutrition, and almost no general physicians are following the latest discoveries concerning diet and nutrition.

Americans are fat and working their way towards being fatter. Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes are very common. There is no question that huge dietary mistakes are being made. The diet industry tells us we are fat because we eat too much and do not exercise enough. A message that has left hundreds of millions of people feeling ashamed and done very little to help them obtain good health.

Those that want to live a healthy lifestyle are forced to find their own answers. Unfortunately, the related information is abundant and conflicting. Thus, people have to take their best guess about want to believe. Beyond that translating that information into a plan that a person can follow in their day-to-day life is a daunting task, and even if a person does so, they might have chosen to follow inferior information and have minimal success in terms of improving their well-being.

We need to get organized. We need good guidance concerning creating a healthy lifestyle. We need tools to help us move forward. And we need ways to measure and monitor or health.

Happy Deviant is a the name of the company that this blog is the beginning of. The mission of Happy Deviant is to raise the level of wellness of mankind by providing the guidance, tools and materials to empower people to create a healthy lifestyle.

The name Happy Deviant came from a physician I happened to be seated next to on an airplane. He told me about a group of people who worked to help a community in which nearly all of the children were malnourished. All of the people in the community ate similar diets consisting mainly of rice.

Fortunately the doctors within the community kept excellent records and there were a small group of children that were not malnourished. They categorized the patients into the following groups: poor, very poor, and very very poor. And what they found was that even within the very very poor group there were children that were not malnourished.

What they did next was brilliant. They went to the homes of the families with healthy children and studied them. It turned out that the families were going to the river and digging up shrimp and grubs and that this was the unique thing that they were doing that was keeping their children healthy. They called the families that did this “Positive Deviants” as in the front tail portion of a bell curve. They paired the “Positive Deviants” with other families and had them teach the other families how to nurish their children. In exchange the other families would gather the shrimp and grubs for the “Positive Deviant” families for a time. After only six months the vast majority of the children within the community were not malnourished. This is where the name “Happy Deviant” comes from. I did not want to use the same exact name, but I loved the concept and thought it fitting.


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  1. Great connecting with you two at BFB Resort…hope you will email us! Deb and Michael Monroe

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