1. The knowledge to achieve excellent health is at hand.
  2. Achieving excellent health is essential to creating a happy life.
  3. While discipline is part of achieving excellent health. Lack of discipline is not typically what is keeping people from achieving excellent health. Typically what is limiting people from achieving excellent health is lack of knowledge, guidance and support.
  4. This is one of the best times in history to be alive. We have the opportunity to achieve better health than what was available before.
  5. Obtainment of excellent health cannot be achieved solely through medical advancements. In order to address lifestyle ailments, people must empowered to manage their lifestyle.
  6. Not everyone will be willing to break from convention. It is will be a select few that will rise above the average to become “Happy Deviants”. However, over time there will be more and more people that be empowered to achieve excellent health for themselves.

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